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Guns ‘n Gardens – How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse is the number one web show for DIY tips and tricks for living through the tough times. Each episode we’ll explore the in’s and out’s of the wasteland, including the best weapons, first aid and food production techniques that will help you and yours see another day. Survive.  Stay alive.   With Guns ‘n Gardens.

Wow! I’m a double finalist! Two of my TV show pitches are in the top 10 finals of the Slamdance Unscripted Teleplay Competition. The winner will be announced next week. Wish me luck!

Here is a short teaser for PROMOSEXUAL, one of my finalists and one of the earliest appearances of Gomi Style.

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Everyone seems to be putting their DIY projects into Altoids tins and other candy containers.  I’ve been collecting these small containers for a while but didn’t have a use for them until now.  The Altoids Garden.

These tiny succulents cuttings and small herbs seem to be thriving in organic potting soil.  I water them a few times a day.

A single cutting in organic soil covered with black stones.  A tiny bonsai in a promotional CD case.  They will likely stay small with such a small volume of soil.  They should be misted a few times a day but don’t overwater.  A light covering of stones will help keep the soil moist.  Perfect for the office.

I really know very little about plants. However, all of these small succulents are native to Northern CA and are very hearty. I plucked them out of my yard like weeds. They require minimal care and watering. The Banzai were chosen based on small size. I have one that is a Pine, and a few others I don’t know. I also grew cat grass and other sprouting seeds. The only plant that didn’t last long were the herbs, because they need to grow – the succulents and Banzai are content to remain small.

Enjoy this short video of some recent artworks. They are kinetic sculptures made with found objects, obsolete TV’s, toys and trash. Sometimes referred to as Cyberpunk or Steampunk, these transhuman sculptures reflect a dystopian mashup of humanity’s past and future. Influences include City of Lost Children, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Diamond Age, The Difference Engine and Leonardo da Vinci.



Make a cool, retro, steampunk-inspired chess set from assorted hardware, a found table and some common chemicals. This project is fast, easy and looks great.

Steampunk Heavy Metal Chess Set

Steampunk Heavy Metal Chess Set

Steampunk Heavy Metal Chess Set (detail)

Steampunk Heavy Metal Chess Set (detail)




This week on Gomi Style, learn how to make easy and fun flower bouquets from old beer and soda cans. Don’t recycle, re-use.



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