Bucket SpinThis Sunday, May 23rd OK Go will be giving a concert as the headliner closing the Maker Faire in San Meteo.  I’ve just spoken with the band and can confirm that WaterBoy will be a significant part of their show.  There may even be a Bubble /BucketHead appearance or three.

I am so excited.  This is the first public appearance of WaterBoy in over 5 years, and what better way than in an OK Go concert.  I hope to see you there:

Maker Faire
May 22 & 23
San Mateo County Event Center



Embrace the Moisture and Denounce Your Dry Ways!
Join the WaterBoy Team

We seek volunteers with and without SCUBA certification to help with every aspect of the show, including diving/snorkling, water-wrangling and tech crew.   Contact WaterBoy for more details:  sparkyrust (at) gmail (dot) com

Maker Faire Bay Area
May 22 & 23,
San Mateo County Event Center

Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful people of all ages and backgrounds who like to tinker and love to make things. So much to see, you will need 2 days to see it all!


Tools, Trash and Technology
A 25-year retrospective of the Art and Design of Marque Cornblatt

The exhibition will include self portraits, interactive sculptures, web-based robots, video, as well as examples of  furniture and interior design.

Opening reception for the artist Friday March 12, 5-8 PM

March 10-April 4, 2010
Wednesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For more info and map:

Harbor East on the Circle
The Legg Mason Tower
Retail Suite 102
Baltimore, MD



Domo Plushie Photo Frame Combo

This  cute little plushie photo frame is an easy DIY project that doesn’t require any sewing or electronics know-how.  It only take about an hour, and all you need is a hot-glue gun and an X-acto knife.

The complete Instructable is HERE.


GOMI Style Cardboard Furniture

GOMI Style Cardboard Furniture

I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but WonderHowTo.com (the largest free how-to video website) has opened up voting for the 2008 How-To Video Awards.  The GOMI Style cardboard episode is up for “Best Recession Video.”  

Click the link below to visit the site and make your vote count!  GOMI is currently in 2nd place, so get out there and vote.  

You can vote once a day, every day – now until Nov. 13th.




Created by the team at GomiStyle.com
The Sarah Palin Action Figure – VPILF Edition!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Sarah Palin Action Figure

The Sarah Palin action figure – VPILF Edition was made using a variety of techniques.  Starting with an action figure of Six from Battlestar Galactica, we carefully save the packaging materials.  Then we remove the head and replace it with one made out of Sculpey (Thanks Kat!), a soft polymer that hardens when baked. Some of the accessories came from my vast collection of toys and toy parts, but most of them were made with the Sculpey.  Her glasses were made using a few small wires from an electronics kit and a thin piece of clear plastic packaging cut to the shape of the lenses.  The end of the wires are jammed directly into her head to hold the glasses in place. Finally, I used photoshop to create the packaging graphics for the front and back.  The two color prints were cut to size and then laminated back to back. 

Sarah Palin Action Figure

Sarah Palin
2 babies
Moose antlers
Bear trap
Scoped rifle
Hunting knife 
2 hand grenades
Real fur pelt
Bush Doctrine Cliff’s Notes 
and, Juggling balls

Written, Produced and Edited by
Marque Cornblatt 

Tripp Stapleton

Sarah Palin:
Kat Townsend
Wolfman Charlie Gibson:
Jenny Lowe

Rock On! 


Rock On!


Gomi is a slang word meaning trash or junk. It’s originally a Japanese word for dust or garbage, but it’s now used to describe anything that we discard or no longer value. It was introduced to English speakers by the best selling fiction writer, William Gibson, who is also credited with coining the term “cyberspace” back in the 1980’s. Gibson used the word gomi frequently to describe the near-future dystopia of our material culture gone haywire.

“Rubin, in some way that no one quite understands, is a master, a teacher, what the Japanese call a sensei. What he’s the master of, really, is garbage, kipple, refuse, the sea of cast-off goods our century floats on. Gomi no sensei. Master of junk.”      

From The Winter Market © 1986 William Gibson

This quote describes a possible near future – One not very difficult to imagine. It is a world in which the monumental amounts of trash overtake the landscape to become the soil upon which humans build our lives. Where does the gomi stop and the world begin, he asks. Gibson describes the artist Rubin as working with these discarded things without acknowledging them as his defined palate of materials. He doesn’t refer to them as junk, or found objects. They are simply his medium, the air he breathes, the tides in which he’s always swum. The materials are the common, the base, the unimportant. They were once raw materials, turned useful as technology, discarded as trash, to be rediscovered by the eye of the artist, this time as the building blocks for works of art. In this truly inspired way, the medium is indeed the message.

GOMI voids the warranty. GOMI breaks the rules. But GOMI is responsible.

GOMI strives to give renewed life and purpose to existing materials and technologies, so it is obviously pro-recycle and pre-cycle, but it is not anti-consumer. GOMI materials were consumer goods – perhaps they’re past their obvious prime, but still useful and viable to the creative eye. 

GOMI has skepticism for much of the mainstream corporate greenwashing currently in vogue.

GOMI doesn’t want to turn back the clock and “return to nature”. Just the opposite, It is a decidedly urban mindset, reflecting a forward-thinking cyberpunk aesthetic. It’s the young trench coat hacker kid, and it’s also the phenom founder of this week’s “it” IPO. GOMI can segue from Burning Man to the boardroom without difficulty.

GOMI is DIY. GOMI endorses off-grid living and disaster preparedness. As recent events have shown, one should expect to be self-reliant for an extended period of time regardless of one’s location. A survivalist mentality is just as necessary in the city as way out in the boonies. 

GOMI is tech-positive and sees the benefits of continued technological development. As more new and interesting technologies become available, the ways to rethink their usefulness also expands. It’s the unexpected secondary uses of a technology that feeds GOMI. Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, energy production, the evolution of humanity, personal technology and the Internet – All of the things that we can’t live without are embraced by GOMI. I.e. Vehicles can be greener, energy can be off-grid, our bodies and lives can be enhanced, etc … GOMI doesn’t say, “Cars are bad”. GOMI says “you can make your car better”.

GOMI is an aesthetic choice – your best defense against mindless mediocrity.