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The Sarah Palin Action Figure – VPILF Edition!

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Sarah Palin Action Figure

The Sarah Palin action figure – VPILF Edition was made using a variety of techniques.  Starting with an action figure of Six from Battlestar Galactica, we carefully save the packaging materials.  Then we remove the head and replace it with one made out of Sculpey (Thanks Kat!), a soft polymer that hardens when baked. Some of the accessories came from my vast collection of toys and toy parts, but most of them were made with the Sculpey.  Her glasses were made using a few small wires from an electronics kit and a thin piece of clear plastic packaging cut to the shape of the lenses.  The end of the wires are jammed directly into her head to hold the glasses in place. Finally, I used photoshop to create the packaging graphics for the front and back.  The two color prints were cut to size and then laminated back to back. 

Sarah Palin Action Figure

Sarah Palin
2 babies
Moose antlers
Bear trap
Scoped rifle
Hunting knife 
2 hand grenades
Real fur pelt
Bush Doctrine Cliff’s Notes 
and, Juggling balls

Written, Produced and Edited by
Marque Cornblatt 

Tripp Stapleton

Sarah Palin:
Kat Townsend
Wolfman Charlie Gibson:
Jenny Lowe