We at Gomi Style are pleased to announce the launch of our new sister site: SparkyJr.com.


Sparky Jr. is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make your own DIY videochat robot. We give you free software, instructions, templates and more – Plus a whole community of people making their own telepresence robots and rovers.  Post your projects, ask questions, and see what others are making.

The Sparky project has been featured in Make Magazine, on PRI’s Studio 360 radio show, and been presented at AFI’s DigiFest, The San Jose Museum of Art, the SFMoMA and museums and galleries throughout the country.

Click Now and join the growing community of DIY Telepresence robot builders

Programer John Celenza performs as Sparky, the web-enabled telepresence robot

Gomi Style has posted instructions on how to build your own web-enabled telepresence robot, including custom software that is free to modify.  

Click here for the complete Sparky Guide to Web-Based Mobile Video Chat