Gomi Style was originally created by Marque Cornblatt as a pilot for cable TV and has since become a collaborative web series with dozens of contributors.  Here are a just a few…


Marque Cornblatt – Producer, Designer, Writer, Host

Marque Cornblatt was born in Baltimore, Maryland and now lives in San Francisco. He holds an MFA in Conceptual Arts from SFSU; has a diploma in theater technology from the Baltimore School of the Arts and a B.F.A. in film and video production from New York University.

A self-described “Promosexual”, Cornblatt’s robots, machine art and video scuptures have been exhibited at the SF MoMA, San Jose Museum of Art, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, di Rosa Preserve, Downey Museum of Art, and at galleries throughout California and New York.



Charlie Getter – Fabricator, Poet

Charlie Getter first moved to San Francisco with ambitions of writing a novel, and with a yearning for a change of pace.  He helped found the Collaborative Arts Insurgency, a group of poets and musicians, which first performed in coffeehouses, before finding the 16th & Mission streetcorner, where they continue to perfrom every Thursday night. He is currently on the committee for Poems Under the Dome, a massive annual open-mike celebration of poetry at San Francisco City Hall in April (National Poetry Month), which is now in its third year.


Gxaoui – Fabricator, Facilities

Growing up in both the Midwest and East Coast, Gxaoui was raised on the farm and the suburbs. He’s worked in many fields, from courier to chef, maintenance man to warehouse manager, including a long stint as a recycling and reuse coordinator for a county waste faculty. He posseses a varied and unusual skill set,  having worked in many mediums including film, video, music, theater, sculpture, mutant vehicles, costumes and textiles, he recently moved to the Bay Area to further his career in the Machine and Fire Art world. 


Kat Townsend – Stylist, 

A recent graduate of Stanford University Mechanical Engineering department, Kat uses innovative design to solve real world problems by combining social sciences, engineering, manufacturing and fine art in an inextinguishable drive to innovate.

One Response to “About the Gomi Crew”

  1. Matthew Says:

    do you guys need a another person for your show?

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